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Syrian are active since 1999, when they released the promo “Ekstasy”, then “Sadness Deluxe” (2000) and “De-synchronized" (2003) for A Different Drum Records (USA). The promo “Ekstasy” had to be a piece of work of an old Voyager’s metal project, that wasn’t so “metal” anymore, and he was moreover the only survivor of the original band. So he decided to change the name in “Syrian” (that has nothing to do with the Middle East) and to record the album “Sadness Deluxe” with this denomination. The album ,out in 2000, was however a mix of gothic, electronic music and a few metal. The label that printed it was very little, so we can’t talk about an official release. The “real” beginning of Syrian was in 2001, when Voyager decided to completely change their style, to play what he really liked since he followed metal: the synthpop, or future pop, or electropop, or however you want to call it. In 2001 Andylab joined the project (vocals were by Voyager in Sadness Deluxe), so the change was complete: voice, sound... In 2002 they recorded a four-songs demo, they sent it to some labels and at the beginning of 2003 they released the first single “No atmosphere” for A Different Drum, and then in may the album "De-Synchronized". In 2004 they released the singles "Space Overdrive" and "Cosmic Gate" followed by the EP "Enforcer" and the album "Kosmonauta" in 2005. In 2007 they are finally out with "Alien Nation", released in USA by A Different Drum, in Europe by Infacted Recordings and in Russia by Gravitator Records.

They both are faithful fans of the soccer team from San Marino!

Andylab (Andrea Peluso) - Vocals, synth
He comes from Asti and he works as an employee for a shipping firm.
He always loved music since he was a child...
In 2001 he appeared on Alphaville tribute album “We heard the call” with the track “She fades away” by AA Project. He had always performed in karaokes and he never draws back! He usually performs songs by Enrico Ruggeri, Renato Zero, Depeche Mode and Billy Idol.
These are Andylab’s favourite 10 albums:
01 - Depeche Mode / Violator
02 - Kraftwerk / The Man-Machine
03 - OMD / Sugar Tax
04 - Erasure / Erasure
05 - Alphaville / Forever Young
06 - Enrico Ruggeri / Il Falco E Il Gabbiano
07 - Duran Duran / Rio
08 - Enya / Watermark
09 - Franco Battiato / La Voce Del Padrone
10 - A-ha / Hunting High And Low

Voyager (Lorenzo Bettelli) - Music, programming, synth.
He lives in Milano and he works as a web-designer.
He is a fanatic of the italian Radio Deejay.
At the beginning of the nineties he played in a death-metal band. However in those years he easily passed from Bolt-Thrower to Alphaville (now the opposite is a bit more difficult!) then he gradually put metal aside, but sometimes he likes to listen to his old records.
This is his "Top Ten":
Alphaville "Prostitute", OMD "Liberator", Everything But The Girl "Walking Wounded", Rockets (all), Marillion "Seasons End", Righeira "Uno, Zero e Centomila", Delta V "Psychobeat", Manowar "Kings of Metal", Ultravox "Revelation", APB "Welcome to Earth".
Voyager is usually the author of lyrics, but however they are arranged and revised together. They arrange the lyrics and the music together, then they record the voice, the most important synth sounds, then Voyager completes the bases and he’s involved in all the details concerning production.

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